After shooting hundreds of virtual home tours, Roof Deck Media has seen how these interactive experiences play an essential role in the real estate industry. When in-person showings were limited, realtors and property managers were still able to show off their property listings. It’s been great for prospective buyers, too, because they can tour more homes from the comfort of their screens. If you haven’t yet begun adding virtual tours to your home listings, here are three reasons why you should start.

1. Show Homes Anytime, Anywhere

According to RESTART Montco, the pandemic hasn’t substantially affected the number of buyers looking for homes. Likewise, Philadelphia’s housing market is flourishing. The pandemic has, however, affected buyers’ comfort levels when it comes to in-person showings, making virtual tours a very valuable resource.

Even without considering the pandemic, virtual home tours help improve home listings in a multitude of ways, for example:

  • Properties can be shown at any time without any travel or complicated scheduling arrangements between agents, buyers, and tenants
  • Viewers can tour their next house, condo, or apartment by clicking wherever they like and “walking through” a home at their leisure, any time, and without a time limit
  • Out-of-town buyers and renters can get started on their home search, or even secure a home, weeks or months before their anticipated move-in day
  • Buyers and renters can revisit properties they’ve already looked at and compare homes side-by-side when making their final decision

2. A More Authentic Experience

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a virtual tour is worth a million. Virtual home tours allow realtors to show more listings in better detail, and viewers can actually move through a home. This gives prospective customers an accurate idea of a home’s layout. They can even zoom in on important areas for a closer look. Basically, visitors can do just about everything they would do in an in-person showing short of flicking the light switches. 

A view of 2539 Christian St from the foyer with the option to click up stairs or click towards the kitchen
A view from a tour in Matterport – would you like to tour upstairs or through the dining room?

Gone are the days of traveling back and forth between properties that your clients may not even like. Now you can save your in-person showings for homes that your buyers are more seriously considering.

3. Not Just for Homes

Virtual tours aren’t just used to sell homes or rent apartments, they can also help show off commercial spaces. Roof Deck Media can create interactive tours of just about anything: hotels, offices, event venues, art galleries, tourist attractions, and more. A virtual tour is a great way to stand out online when showing off products or entertaining your audience without worrying about social distancing. Including an interactive experience on your website or social media page can also increase engagement and boost your Google ranking, allowing more of the right people to discover your brand.

We’re Ready to Capture Your Space

Floor plan view of 2539 Christian Street in Matterport
Floor plan view of a home in Matterport

Roof Deck Media aims to help you reach more people so that you can help more people. That’s why we choose to use Matterport technology when it comes to shooting virtual tours to boost your property listings. Matterport is the gold standard for presenting virtual home tours and interactive commercial spaces, offering both floorplan and “dollhouse” views. You’ll get a detailed and immersive experience that impresses clients from any angle. Matterport helps us take care of the entire client experience for you, including hosting the virtual tours on their secure website. 

Reach more customers and offer the best virtual experience of your property by booking a Matterport shoot today.