Professional photos are a no brainer to get people excited about a property before they even set foot inside. But photographs alone don’t adequately convey the size and layout of your space. That’s one reason many realtors and property managers are choosing to add a video walkthrough or virtual tour option to their listings. Matterport virtual tours and video walkthroughs both allow prospective customers to navigate through a building and better understand your property. But is one better than the other? 

The Difference Between Video and Virtual Tours

Walkthrough videos are an ideal way to give a guided tour of your property. You get a dynamic, moving video through a space that is easily experienced on even the oldest computer or smartphone. In a video, you can pick which areas to focus on and choose how your viewer moves through the property. We edit video footage down to two or three minutes with instrumental music for a pleasant viewing experience. If you’d like, we can also add in room titles, realty logos, and agent contact information. Your final video is delivered as a QuickTime file which you can upload everywhere you wish including Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram.

Enjoy a guided tour through 621 Lombard St. in this video walkthrough

Matterport virtual tours provide viewers with a more interactive experience. Buyers and renters can freely “move” through a home by clicking around the virtual model. This technology is similar to using Google Street View, only inside your property. Virtual tours are perfect for rental properties because they can be reused at any time to search for new tenants. They also make it convenient for out-of-town customers to tour an apartment, condo, or house, and hopefully secure a lease before moving. Matterport is the leading industry-standard for immersive real estate experiences, and the virtual tours are delivered through Matterport’s secure digital media format.

Now that you’ve seen our guided tour of 621 Lombard Street, take some time to explore it virtually on your own!

Which Tour is a Better Investment?

When choosing between a Matterport or a video walkthrough, consider the following:

  • How do you want your viewers to interact with your space?
  • Are you looking for buyers or renters?
  • In what ways do you plan on marketing your property?
  • How often will you need to re-use your media tool?

When listing a home for sale, many realtors prefer being able to highlight specific features in a video walkthrough. This gives potential homeowners a better idea of a home’s layout than photographs can. Matterport videos, on the other hand, offer an elevated experience; viewers can freely tour a home on their own, almost as if they were there in person.

Both virtual tours and video walkthroughs allow viewers to get a better sense of a space. If we had to choose just one, we think that Matterport is the best way to experience a tour like in real life. However, offering two immersive media options will allow you to cast the widest net, facilitating the viewing experience for customers of all kinds. 

Whether you’re looking for professional photographs, a virtual tour, or a video walkthrough of your space, Roof Deck Media can make sure you always look professional. We make it easy to put your best foot forward in business, every time a customer clicks. Send us a message to start a conversation today, or book your shoot right away with our easy online scheduling system.