Marketing real estate property is all about setting the right expectations for your customers. Buyers and renters are more likely to book showings for listings that have professional photos, videos, and virtual tours. Your real estate media can help clients feel more positive about a property before they even step foot in the space. As professional photographers, we do everything we can to represent the size, color, and lighting of your home or building through the screen. The last thing you’d want, however, is for there to be any distractions included in your final photos. Here are some tips for preparing your home before your photographer arrives.

Your Home Preparation Checklist

  1. Declutter where you can, storing excess items from public view
  2. Clear away tables, countertops, furniture, and floor space
  3. Vacuum floors and wipe down windows, countertops, mirrors, and other surfaces
  4. Turn off television and computer screens
  5. Make all beds and straighten up furniture
  6. Put toilet lids down and hide away bath products or personal items
  7. Replace broken lightbulbs
  8. Open curtains, shades, and blinds to let in natural light
  9. Make a plan for your pets
  10. Depersonalize for privacy*

If necessary, your photographer can make small adjustments, such as turning on lights or moving blinds, for better photos. Otherwise, all properties will be shot as-is. If you reschedule your appointment, make sure to call your photographer before they arrive.

You can save and reuse all final deliverables, including photos, videos, and 3D virtual tours. So make the best of your investment by preparing your home and ensuring that your property looks the best it can be!

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*Please note that Matterport does not allow us to manipulate the media and viewers will be able to look at everything on display. If you are concerned about privacy, please cover or put away private photos and anything with identifiable information.