Do you have availability on weekends or holidays?

We can accommodate weekend or holiday appointments on special request. Please reach out to us on our contact form

How long does the photographer need at a property?

Appointments can take anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on services and property size. More information for each can be found on our booking page.

What do I need to do to prepare my home, property, or space before the photographer arrives?

Here are tips from our home preparation checklist:

  1. Declutter where you can, storing excess items from public view
  2. Clear away tables, countertops, furniture, and floor space
  3. Vacuum floors and wipe down windows, countertops, mirrors, and other surfaces
  4. Turn off television and computer screens
  5. Make all beds and straighten up furniture
  6. Put toilet lids down and hide away bath products or personal items
  7. Replace broken lightbulbs
  8. Open curtains, shades, and blinds to let in natural light
  9. Make a plan for your pets
  10. Depersonalize for privacy*

*Please note that Matterport does not allow us to manipulate the media and viewers will be able to look at everything on display. If you are concerned about privacy, please cover or put away private photos and anything with identifiable information.

How do I receive or access my photos/videos/media?

Photos are available in full resolution and formatted for MLS via a Google Drive link.

Videos are available to preview and download via Vimeo.

Matterport virtual tours will be available as a public link and will be available for up to three months from the date of photography. After that, we charge a $5 monthly maintenance fee or we will archive the tour. We can delay the start of the three months if the property will be for sale later or for any reason.

 Zillow 3D Home tours will be shared from our Zillow account to your own Zillow account. You can then publish and add to your property. You will need a Zillow account to share these virtual tours.

What is HDR Photography?

HDR, or “high dynamic range” photography is a method we use to achieve excellent color and exposure quality. Essentially, for every photo taken, we are actually taking several photos and combining them together to form one photo. These photos are different exposures, so we can capture all the details, from bright windows to dark shadows, and make everything look evenly exposed. 

What’s the difference between Matterport Virtual Tours and Zillow 3D Home Tours?

Matterport Virtual Tours are detailed, immersive virtual tours that allow people to move freely through a virtual space, looking at it from any angle, even as a floor plan or “dollhouse” view. It’s truly a 3D representation of the space. Matterport virtual tours are hosted on Matterport’s website and require a paid membership. We host tours on our own account for up to one year (at no extra cost) and require a $5 monthly maintenance fee after that. We can delay the start of the included year if the property will be for sale later or for any reason. Matterport virtual tours can be shared and embedded almost everywhere—except Zillow. 

Zillow has its own virtual tour platform that it uses and it’s a little different from Matterport. These tours are not truly 3D—think of them more as a small collection of panoramic photos. Zillow 3D Home tours are typically limited to one view per room (Matterport has no such limit) and there is no floor plan or “dollhouse” view. We offer Zillow 3D Home tours as an add-on to a Matterport Virtual Tour. It only adds 15 minutes to the appointment since we’re using the same equipment, and it can help your Zillow listing be more visible. We don’t consider Zillow 3D Home tours to be a direct replacement for Matterport virtual tours, but they’re nice to have considering that Zillow doesn’t currently allow Matterport tours on their platform.

What’s the difference between HDR Photography and Photos from Matterport?

HDR Photography and Matterport Virtual Tours require different cameras. We use more traditional digital cameras for our HDR Photography, and advanced 360 3D cameras for Matterport Virtual Tours.

Our HDR photos are high resolution with excellent color and exposure quality. We take time on site and in editing to make sure these photos are great quality. If you are booking a Matterport Virtual Tour, we offer to generate photos from that Matterport virtual tour as an economical alternative to our HDR Photography. Taking photos from Matterport requires no extra time on site; the image quality can be quite good, although not as good as photos taken with a dedicated photo camera. If you only book us for Matterport and decide after the fact that you would also like photos, we can usually accommodate this way.


Philadelphia Real Estate Photography | Roof deck media

HDR Photo

Matterport Photo


HDR Photo

Philadelphia Real Estate Photography | Roof deck media

Matterport Photo


Philadelphia Real Estate Photography | Roof deck media

HDR Photo

Philadelphia Real Estate Photography | Roof deck media


Which is better: a walkthrough video or a virtual tour?

This depends on how you want your viewers to interact with your space. Walkthrough videos are created using a camera and a stabilizer to capture a dynamic, moving video of your entire space. Virtual tours, on the other hand, allow the viewer to click through a space to “move” through it.

While virtual tours allow viewers to walk through at their own pace, a video walk-through works more as a guided tour. This allows you to show viewers exactly what you want them to see. We edit the video footage down to about 2-3 minutes and add basic graphics like titles and logos so viewers know who to contact if they are interested. We also add instrumental music to put people in a good mood! The final deliverable is a QuickTime video file that you can upload to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and more.