We’ve seen how virtual tours have become a huge asset to the real estate industry, but what about other businesses? Nowadays, everyone is looking to increase brand visibility with better search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Even if you’re not a marketing guru, you know that increasing web traffic and search rankings is a good thing. And even though Google and other search engine sites are constantly changing their algorithms, the goal is always the same: offer a great experience to your audience.

We’ve seen many businesses use interactive media on their Google My Business listings to deliver that enhanced experience, including:

  • Retail spaces
  • Restaurants, bars, and hotels
  • Galleries, exhibits, and showrooms
  • Model homes and apartments
  • Schools and universities
  • Wedding venues
  • Commercial offices
  •  Clinical practices
  • Churches
  • Gyms

Although every business has different goals in how they connect with their customer, 360 media is an invaluable tool that can serve many purposes. Here are just a few ways having an interactive experience can help improve your online web presence.

Connect with Customers

We’re spoiled by Google Street Views, where dropping a tiny yellow figure on a map instantly gives us a detailed view of what a new neighborhood or shopping center looks like. And now, you can let customers “See Inside” your business or practice right from your Google Business Listing. Show couples that your restaurant has the perfect ambiance for their next date night. Entice executives with your hotel’s king-bed and amenities for their next business trip. Give a tour of your distillery, gallery, or venue so that your customers feel more connected to their favorite brands. With a virtual tour or 360 photos, viewers can begin experiencing what it’s like being your patron right in front of their computer screen.

Differentiate Yourself

Whether you’re using interactive media to entice customers or generate direct revenue, having any type of 360 experience will help your brand stand out from the crowd. No matter where they are visiting, people always want to know what to expect. The longer viewers can interact and explore your online pages, the better they will remember. Virtual tours also allow you to give your audience a lot more perspective, resulting in a fuller experience and a lasting impression.

An Easy Investment to Make Back

Virtual tours and 360 photos are available to use as long as you need them. A study done by TIG Global and Omni Hotels showed that customers were 67% more likely to book a hotel online when there was a virtual tour available. Another study by ICE Portal saw that hotels with a virtual tour resulted in an 18% increase in online bookings. And a third study by Carlson Hotel Group reported that having 360 panoramic tours increased their online revenue by 135%. Because your virtual tour can be used again and again, it only takes a few extra bookings, sales, or appointments to recoup the cost of your shoot. 

How Roof Deck Media Can Help 

Our mission at Roof Deck Media is to help you help others. We want to help you provide the best possible experience for your viewers and customers. Once we deliver you your virtual tour or 360 photos, we’ll be happy to give ideas on how to best use your newfound tools to boost your business. Contact us today to book your next 360 shoot!